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"Often you get the athlete who is very athletic or very artistic but you don't often get both. Ashley seems to have a good blend." - John Nicks

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Full individual video of Ashley’s program at the Michael Weiss Foundation show :)

Ashley is set to compete at Japan Open this weekend, so hopefully we’ll get video of this program in competitive form soon!

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Someone very kind filmed the whole skating show that happened this weekend - Michael Weiss Foundation’s Ice Champions Live. Featured skaters (in order of performance) are: Tobias & Tkachenko, Richard Dornbush, Alissa Czisny, Adam Rippon (new SP), Kimmie Meissner, The Next Ice Age, Ryan Bradley, Mirai Nagasu, the Kerrs, Brian Boitano and Ashley Wagner. Enjoy!

You can see part of Ashley’s new Moulin Rouge! free skate, including “Elephant Love Medley,” “Hindi Sad Diamonds,” “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” and “The Show Must Go On.”  —-> ~32:16

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In honour of the 2014-2015 Grand Prix season starting shortly (YAY!) I will be featuring some of my favourite skaters and a little info about them! I saw this idea before and thought it was pretty cool!

Ashley Wagner

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Short Program: Spartacus, choreographed by Adam Rippon and Cindy Stuart

"We almost killed each other," Wagner said. "We were like an old married couple that needed marriage counseling."

Choreographer Cindy Stuart came in as the mediator and saved the program — and their friendship.

"I called Cindy and told her it was a nightmare, and she came in and proved to be someone Ashley and I needed," Rippon said. "It was important that Ashley had the best program she could have."

Free Skate: Moulin Rouge!, choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne

"Shae-Lynn is the woman I want to be," said Wagner, who traveled to Toronto to work with Bourne this summer. "I love working with her because she brings out exactly what I want to be. She wanted to find something sexy, but something kind of vulnerable."

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Shout out to the original Spartacus dress (2009), which holds a special place in our hearts as Ashley credits it as her worst costume ever. :P

Ashley Wagner | 2013 Skate America FS Kiss & Cry

Happy Lefty Day!


Ashley Wagner owning everyone with her Samson and Delilah program